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Cross Fire All-Star Cheerleading

Cross Fire All-Star's Cheerleading Program!

Cross Fire All-Star Full-Year Cheerleading is not only athletically demanding, but rewarding to each athlete that joins our program. Our high energy routines are guaranteed to test the limits of all athletes interested in pursuing an athletic career in cheerleading. Our success is only achieved by our structured curriculum.


            Cross Fire All-Star Mission:

 Cross Fire All-Stars is an Educational, Athletic Development center that specializes in Cheer and Tumble. Here at CFA, we separate training and cheer so that every child can develop at his or her own pace. CFA properly trains each athlete with their own individual needs in mind.  

          Cross Fire Staff:

             All of our highly educated coaches will take special interest in the needs of every child on the competition floor! Our athletes are a big part of our lives and we want them to have a happy and successful experience. Proper motivation is the key to making every child  a winner. We encourage our parents to be supportive and positive at all times. More importantly, Cross Fire All-Stars full-year cheerleading program allows each child to have a sense of unity with each of the members here giving them the opportunity to realize that they are part of the Cross Fire All-Star Family.





            Tryouts typically take place in May. Times vary every year. Parents are requested to print and fill out our CFA parent Packet and Try-Out Form. CFA Try-outs follow the USASF (United States All-Star Federation) guidelines for All-Star Cheer. CFA Not only looks at tumbling, but Stunt, Motions, Dance, Jump, and overall Athletic Performance. Cross Fire All-Stars takes this information and puts your child in the best possible position to develop and bond with other athletes in their age/skill range.

Routine Prep:

            Once Try-Outs are finished CFA begins its Routine Prep which runs from Mid May to Late August. At this point CFA will still accept cheerleaders if needed. In this stage, athletes will gain the skills necessary to perform in there placed level. Also, CFA has every Athlete in their own level tumbling class so that each athlete can progress on an individual level as well. CFA's highly trained staff will educate every athlete mentally and physically for the upcoming All-Star season. This time is also uses for team building and bonding experiences that will allow every child to feel closer to their fellow teammates. CFA's bonding experiences (Parties, Fundraisers, Sleep-overs, Beach day, Banquets, and much more) not only bring each athlete closer but will allow them to perform as one entity on the competition floor. 


Competition Prep:

            Cross Fire All-Stars competition Prep season begins in September and runs until the end of November. At this time CFA will be running practice 2-3 times a week depending on the individual team needs. Changing Choreography, moving stunts, or adding new skills are just some of the things that we accomplishes during this time along with hitting the wonderful routines you come to know and love from CFA.

Competition Season:

CFA runs about 7-15 competitions depending on the given year and team. Cross Fire All-Stars compete locally and nationally from November - May.  CFA still practices 2-3 times a week to allow consistency throughout the year. Our competitions range locations from New Jersey all the way to Florida. All teams will have the opportunity to earn their way to the Summit or US Finals National Competitions where they will be put against the best of the best of all-star cheerleading globally.


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